Stanford Engineering Everywhere, really!

After the grand success of the 3 online courses- Machine Learning, Databases and Artificial Intelligence which are nearing their ends, Stanford comes up with another bunch of online courses. These courses are to commence by late Jan ealry Feb ’12. Registration is open! Check them out!

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Understanding ‘Machine Learning’, the Stanford Style, at the comfort of your home!

Here is a chance to masterĀ  ‘Machine Learning’, the Stanford style, at the comfort of your home!

Check this out ASAP!

It’s fun!


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5 things to keep in mind while shopping a laptop…

  1. Analyze your requirements: It doesn’t make sense to buy one with an i7 processor if you are a frequent traveler whose sole purpose of a laptop is surfing the net or making presentations. But a 9 cell battery instead of the standard 6 cell will save you frequent plug-ins!
  2. The keypad size: Make sure the size of the keypad suits your finger-size.
  3. The heat vents: Those having the air vents on the sides provide better cooling and are more healthier when used on laps, than those with air vents below.
  4. Indicator Lights: Choose systems that have physical indication lights over monitor indicators for Caps Lock, Wi-Fi, etc. This provides for better troubleshooting.!
  5. Warranty and after-sales support: Choose brands that are well known for after-sales support. Some brands provide next-business-day support and even get your laptops serviced by an engineer visiting your home, rather than you taking your device to the service-center.


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The man of the i-era has gone! RIP Steve jobs

Steve Jobs(56), chairman of Apple Inc.’s board of directors died, surrendering to a rare form of pancreatic cancer, for which he was under treatment for long.

Click here for Steve Job’s Life in Pictures (courtesy:CNBC LLC)

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Different Internet Gateways for Different VLANs…

One day, my dad came up with a problem in his office network. They were upgrading the network infrastructure, and in doing so, had to assign different Internet gateways for each VLANs and also had to perform inter-VLAN routing using an L3 switch. He himself had a solution and asked me about it. I said, ‘yeah it should work for sure’. The solution was,

  • Assign the respective Internet gateway IPs as the default gateway of the respective VLAN PCs. This way, each user has access to the Internet. (The Internet gateway a particular VLAN must use belongs to the same VLAN)
  • Now add a static route to each PC’s route table, to route all internal packets to the corresponding VLAN management IP. This makes way for inter-VLAN routing through the L3 switch.

route -p add mask

This command adds a static route to the Windows route table, which says, route all packet that belongs to the network or subnets to is the management IP of, say VLAN10)


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