Transferring Contacts From Cellular Phone Between Devices

Just completed transferring the address-book entries from my old phone to a new one…!! Being the first time, I took almost half a day (!!!!! 😦 ) figuring out how to get it done.

My old device was a Sony Ericsson W200i…It wouldn’t sync with my PC (running XP) using the version of the PC suite that came along with it. Downloaded the latest version from here

After the sync was complete, I exported the contacts from Microsoft Outlook Express into a .csv file.While doing this, I had to check all the boxes ( include all fields for all records), or else contacts which had multiple nos. associated with them missed some information when exported. This was because some nos. would be columns like ‘business fax’ etc., which normally, would not be included.

Now I had a .csv file in hand. Following the instructions from, i created .vcf file. This .vcf file was copied into my new phone, and then I imported it into my contacts!

Cheers 🙂 !!

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