Slackware: Failure to login to KDE as user

Installed Slackware 13.1 in my Desktop today. Everything went fine unless I found that I couldn’t log in as normal user to the desktop environment! Yeah, the super-user could.

Also, the user didn’t have a home directory made, by default! (but the /etc/passwd file showed /home/user directory as the home directory for the user).

So what? Every time I tried logging in as the user to the desktop environment, it said, No Home directory Found. It also said kstartupconfig4 does not exist or failed to load.


I manually created a home directory under /home

sudo mkdir /home/username

Now for the kstartupconfig4 issue, I found the solution after a bit of Googleing.

sudo chown -R username.username /home/username

This transfers the ownership  of the home directory of the user from the super-user to the user.

I don’t know why a home directory wasn’t created for the user by default! 😦

But wait!!

All this happened b’ cos

useradd username

was used to create the user account.


useradd -d /home/username username

failed to create a home directory!!!

But the following command worked fine

adduser username

Happy Hacking & Googleing!!

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