Program your Symbian Phones using Python :-)

Symbian 60 Series phones have a dedicated python interpreter called PyS60,Very interesting,that is we can program the phone using python and also we can fetch the python terminal of the phone in to the linux terminal and we can do anything..We can access the camera,sensors like accelerometer ,gyroscope..everything…Amazing Ryte..

I will give the necessary steps to fetch the python interpreter of phone to the PC in GNU/Linux

1:You need following tools given below

hcitool to find your mobile device
sdptool and ‘sdpd’ daemon to register services like serial port
rfcomm to emulate serial port over bluetooth
cu or any other terminal program


Plug-in your bluetooth adapter, and then from the shell:

$ hciconfig reset

Then check that the device exists by typing:

$ hcitool dev
Register a serial port (use channel 2. For some reason, channel 1 and channel 3 might not let the connection through)

$ sdptool add –channel=2 SP

Now listen to the channel:

$ rfcomm listen rfcomm2 2

In your phone, make sure bluetooth is on, then go to the Python application and then select the Bluetooth Console. Select from the list of available devices your computer’s bluetooth adapter (you might need to select search even if you think you have already defined the pairing). If the operation is successful, you should see something similar to the following on your computer’s shell:

Waiting for connection on channel 2
Connection from 00:11:9F:BE:47:CA to /dev/rfcomm2
Press CTRL-C for hangup

Now open a new shell terminal and execute:

$ cu -l /dev/rfcomm2

You’re now in control of your mobile’s python console 🙂

NOTE: In some Linux distributions cu command is not a shell built-in. In that case you must use the minicom program which is equivalent to cu.
Example: In Pardus Linux type sudo pisi it minicom to install it.

Tested with:
Nokia 6630, Ubuntu 7.10.
N73, Ubuntu 7.04, Thinkpad T42p.
N95, Debian (kernel 2.6.26) – you need to use minicom -o instead of cu
Nokia 5530, Gentoo (kernel 2.6.30, bluez 4.39-r2)
Nokia 6110 Navigator, Ubuntu 10.04. Use minicom -o -D /dev/rfcomm2
Nokia 5230, Debian 5 Lenny (stable). Use screen /dev/rfcomm2

This procedure doesn’t work on Ubuntu 8.04 due a bug in bluez-utils and can be temporally fixed till hardy is updated installing debian sid package


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