Confusion=Y2K!! Y not over IPv4 Exhaustion?!

The Y2K syndrome was looked upon with so much of uncertainty and confusion. Today’s world owes a lot to the INTERNET for having increased its pace. The dependency of the world on the INTERNET is almost inevitable these days. Then why is there no anticipation over one of the major thing that is going to happen in the INTERNET? Yeah, the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses and the lack of resources that support IPv6!

According to predictions, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) pool will be depleted by August 3, 2011, and the first Regional Internet Registry will deplete its address pool by March 20 2012! This means that the Internet will exhaust its address pool soon.

Forecasts on IPv6 uptake in the Internet is measured in years and decades!! So how will the Internet run after all the IPv4 addresses are exhausted?!?

Maybe we will have to use Network Address Translators (NATs) to serve billions of newer deployed devices in the Internet with the existing IPv4 resources! Lets wait and see how things will work. After all we humans find solutions to almost everything out there. 🙂

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