Arduino Board Hacked :-)

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This will be a very useful post for those who love Microcontrollers.Arduino is a microcontroller based development board ,in which the programming is very easy with their IDE. Actually their IDE is attractive and simple, we can program using that IDE and burn hex files other than arduino board.Below are some steps to hack arduino board.That is we can program without Arduino board.Arduino Boards are some what expensive ,and cost around Rs:1500.We can make arduino equivalent with just 100 bucks.I will explain the steps

1)The main components we require are one Atmega8,a serial programmer,a bread board,Arduino software tats all
2)The serial programmer circuit and its software can be get from the site

3)Download the ATPROG Software,the ATPROG is fully compatible with wine in GU/Linux.

4)Install the arduino software in GNU/Linux

5)In the arduino folder,there is a directory called hardware.In that folder modify a file named board.txt.In the bottom of the file ,is like this.. NG or older w/ ATmega8


atmega8.bootloader.lock_bits=0x0F //modify this line by 1000000L

6)Take the Arduino IDE and change the board into atmega8 old board.Take a led blink program.Compile it.And in linux the hex file will temporarly generated in the /tmp/build……. folder..

7)Copy the hex file and burn with ATPROG..It will Work



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