LaTeX is a high quality typesetting system is the de facto standard for the communication and publication of scientific documents. Latex is available as free software.

I was introduced to LaTeX by a friend of mine a few months ago. Since then I was working with it & learning stuff. Initially one finds it too complex. But that is  not the case after one works with it for say, an hour. It is  very easy to work with, yet powerful.

It can be used to create documents with a high level of professionalism. The term document used here is a general tag which can include anything ranging from articles, books, reports, letters to presentations, and what not!

Mathematical typesetting feature of latex is highly rated. In fact , Latex is derived from
Tex written by Donald Knuth ( of the Art of Computer Programming fame ) and the term
literate programming (writing documentation as you go ) was coined by Knuth ( spelled as “Kanooth” ) while writing the software. Modern Documentation extractors like JavaDoc,CppDoc and NDoc owes it origin to this (excerpt from a mail from Praseed Pai ).

Beamer is a Latex class that is  used to create presentations. When i say presentations, they are something that stand a class apart!

Latex documents can be fine tuned to any level, though this needs thorough knowledge of the latex commands and syntax.

There are plenty of resources available  in the WWW for a thorough self study of LaTeX.

Here are some tutorials:



Enjoy the power of Free Software…Power to You!


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